Hemp CBD Elixir


Water Soluble Hemp CBD Elixir

250MG per Bottle

Fast Acting Formulation

Pure Hemp Elixir


Using high quality ingredients yields high quality products. At Wholeistics this is what we live by. Using only the highest quality ingredients in our products give us the confidence to provide our 100% money back guarantee. Our high quality hemp derived CBD is grown with organic practices. A fully water soluble formulation allows you to consume our hemp cbd in any fashion that fits your specific needs. Hemp is full of compounds that may provide many different types of benefits.

Our unflavored formula is easily mixed into any beverage.

One of the most common uses of CBD today is to treat anxiety. While hesitation to use cannabis because is often due to the paranoid feeling associated with THC, CBD actually works to counteract that feeling.

CBD, in contrast to THC heavy strains of marijuana, has little to no psychoactive effects on the brain. You won’t get a ‘high’ from CBD but you also won’t feel anxious or paranoid.

Numerous studies, including a 2015 study published by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, have explored the uses of CBD to treat anxiety-related disorders such as PTSD, OCD, generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder. Many of these studies have concluded frequent use of CBD “reduces experimentally induced anxiety in healthy controls, without affecting baseline anxiety levels, and reduces anxiety in patients with SAD”.

The more research that is done and the more legal CBD use that is approved, the better. The opioid epidemic is one of the biggest problems in the US today. Reducing the need for prescription anti-anxiety drugs can help limit the dependency these potentially dangerous and even life-threatening medications inflict.


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Hemp CBD Elixir

Water Based Hemp CBD